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Artificial Intelligence Trends Everyone Should Know

“By 2050, the cars will start flying too”, well now there is no doubt about it.

The pace at which technological advancements are taking place, there is no room for giving it another thought that artificial intelligence is going to take over the world. The potentiality of artificial intelligence is incalculable and it will never seize to woo people from its capabilities.

From powering over the analytical sector to decision making, logistics, robotics and construction, AI will have the knowledge to do it all. By 2025, it is even expected the artificial intelligence’s global market is likely to reach 118.6 billion dollars. Thus, it is evident artificial intelligence will be found in every corner, in the upcoming years.

Here are 10 artificial trends that people shouldn’t miss out on:

Digital assistance

Robotization: A newer level (evolution)

Augmenting cybersecurity

Customising with bigger motives

AI and human cooperation

Human interaction with AI

Easier access to data

Films, music and games through AI

Facial recognition tech

AI refining healthcare

  • Digital Assistance

Customer support services and sale tasks mainly are worker-oriented but with AI assistance, a lot of time can be saved for the employees that can be used on other activities. AI can be a big help in E- commerce and sales tasks, as the programs and applications can be brought into use which will give better response time and interaction, building brand reputation and increasing customer loyalty. 85% of the work can now be done through AI which will help generate more revenue.

  • Robotization: A Newer Level (Evolution)

Robots only used to do the basic work before the evolution of robotization. Through artificial intelligence, they can be trained to do semi-skilled and skilled work (from filling forms, to giving instructions and making animations). They were first made partially automated but now they are fully automated. They can perform semi skill and skilled work, which will save humans a lot of time that can be utilized on tasks which can only be done through human intelligence.

  • Augmenting Cybersecurity

By dint of using artificial intelligence, Cybersecurity can be boosted as it has got the power of predictive functioning which means before any malfunction even tries to enter the system, it can be detected through artificial intelligence software.

 An average of eight to nine gadgets are used per household currently but it is suspected the number is likely to go to 500. That means the more the devices the more are the chances of malicious attacks to happen, that are super difficult to detect. Augmenting cybersecurity via artificial intelligence thus has to be done.

  • Customizing With Bigger Motives

In order to make greater sales, companies need to recognize and retain customer base and remain relevant. AI allows these companies and service providers to have a clear view of what their customers are really looking out for through real-time. This gives you an idea to customise your business/ websites in reference to the taste of the consumers and what they want to see. These services can be refined through artificial intelligence.

  • AI And Human Cooperation

A lot of work can be done through artificial intelligence, (more specifically: human work) but that doesn’t mean these bots are going to supersede or compete with humans. More and more of humans will start working alongside AI powered tools in our daily lives. No doubt, few jobs will be lost because the work done by the humans will be replaced by the bots but at the same time reskilling of the workers will also be done. As the workers will move out from their previous sector, reskilling programs can be organized and workers can be trained for the new work.

  • Human Interaction With Al

The chat support is mainly dominated by the workers but somewhat some customer support work is also done through bots. It can easily be distinguished whether a robot or a human is on the other end of the conversation, but via artificial intelligence, speech patterns of humans and bots can be matched by improvising them, that’ll make it easy to fool whether a human or a bot is conversing. It is also said that bots can prove to be better agents than humans because their problem-solving capacity will be designed in such a way which will be more wide and vast than of humans.

  • Facial Recognition Tech

The use of facial recognition technology (which has currently started in China and soon will be all around the world), is in progress too. In order to have access to public transport or communication networks, the facial recognition technology will be made compulsory so that personal identities can be verified. However, privacy issues also might arise because of this as it is a little intrusive.

  • Films, Music, Games Through AI

The influence of AI even on the media entertainment sector is expected to increase too. Creating brand new visual effects is likely to become very common. The extraordinary shots in the movies, the visuals, the dynamic soundscapes all are through AI.

Coming to the video games, the challenging human like virtual opponents are also a creation of the artificial intelligence.

  • All Data Access

Accessing data will become super easy through artificial critical intelligence. Over the years, there has been a drastic increase in the usage of artificial intelligence due to which more accurate and authentic data is available to be accessed of the real world’s work and mechanisms.

  1. Health Care Is Made More Accessible

How AI is going to contribute into improving healthcare ways, is ground-breaking. People around the world will be allowed to receive efficient care easily which prevent diseases from happening.

By using AI tools, diagnosing the diseases can become easier, which will enable the patients to receive the care they need. The best example is the home-based apps that can help in diagnosing diseases. 


From what has been observed, it doesn’t look like it’s going to wear off as the new decade dawns. In the past era, machines were totally thought of the brilliant ones- Who know the coming decades proves all of it right.

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